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Scattered Coins
Analyzing Graphs

We at Smokin’ Token come from a variety of backgrounds with different skillsets but one mindset. We are a tight-knit family of traders, marketers, analysts, promoters, and entrepreneurs. All of us share a burning desire for truth and philanthropy and want to do the greatest good possible. We also love finance, economics, and business. Sadly these two worlds are often at odds with one another, but we aim to bridge that gap. In the past finance was a cutthroat industry where only the sharks survived and thrived. Similarly, altruists were often impoverished and lacking financial means. We saw the need to bring the two together and create a truly powerful force for good, with an eye for humanitarianism and a means of matching intention with power.

About Us

Where as Robinhood sought to steal from the rich and give to the poor, we seek to make as many as possible rich with the blessings of financial freedom and generational wealth. We do not tear down, we build up. We create the future through the actions of today and we guide our actions by our vision for the future. We believe that by correcting the individual’s personal economy, they become abundant and that abundance flows to those around them and wells up a massive force for good, blessing all and leaving no one behind. We raise others up because we believe that mankind is good and deserving of stability and opportunity. We will stop at nothing to realize this dream, and we will work tirelessly to benefit those who come to us for help. We are not only your family, we are your new home.

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